House Groups


Housegroups are a key part of our fellowship.  We currently have around 17 housegroups, each with between 8-13 members.  Most groups meet weekly, others fortnightly.  Housegroups give us an opportunity to study the Bible, pray, have fellowship together and pastorally care for one another.  Housegroups will also have social events, such as meals, barbecues, day trips and even holidays abroad!  If you would like to join a housegroup, please speak to Brenda Ricahrds, our friendly Housegroup Co-ordinator on 01395 577130 or

Housegroup Outings

housegroup bbq

 housegroup lunch on a Greek island
lunch on a Greek island

housegroup sunday lunch outing
Sunday lunch

 housegroup segway outing
Segway activity

 housegroup segway outing

 housegroup segway outing