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This “guest page” is by Mark Barratt and Alastair Bates and expresses the views of the contributors only and not necessarily of All Saints' Church.

We want to look at the ideas of modern society in order to understand them, to locate their roots and to critique them.  We are amateurs, not academics.  We want to be more informed in debating with  our contemporaries.

The secular scientific humanism that rules in our society largely dismisses Jesus Christ and the Christian faith as outdated and irrelevant.

We believe  on the contrary that it is in Jesus Christ that absolute truth is to be found;  that  the great humanist adventure of the last 500 years has failed;  that humanism has found no fixed foundation;  and that at the heart of the humanist vision is only dust.

There is a growing literature on this subject.  We want to extract from these books, both pro and anti Christian, their analysis of contemporary ideas and how they developed historically.   If we had a large enough piece of paper (say the size of Exeter) we would aim to construct a flow diagram of the ideas which have flowed together to form the modern secular liberal consensus of society in 2014.

This page  may be of interest only to the two of us and to no one else in the world.   After all there are millions of far more interesting web pages  (and with real graphics!) out there.  Never mind – we’ll still give it a go.  If you have any comments or would like to contribute, please email Mark Barrett mark.barrett@sidvalley.org.uk .

Article 1 - The Smuggling of Values in Contemporary Society
Article 2 - An Attack on the Nativity Story
Article 3 - Book Review: The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins
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